2014 Annual Symposium

Right on schedule

Time Day 1 – June 4, 2014 Location
7:00 AM – 5:30 PM Registration and Coat Check Opens Ballroom AB Foyer
7:15 AM – 8:00 AM Continental Breakfast Sponsored by: Ballroom AB Foyer
8:00 AM – 8:15 AM Introduction & Welcome: Ed Bolen, NBAA Ballroom A
8:15 AM – 8:45 AM Opening Keynote: Bill Ayer, Chair, NextGen Advisory Committee and Retired Chairman and CEO, Alaska Airlines
“Working together to implement NextGen”
Ballroom A
8:55 AM – 9:55 AM Session 1: View from the NAC: Setting NextGen on a Positive Trajectory

Description: Members of the NextGen Advisory Committee provide a glimpse inside the workings of this premier advisory committee that is providing the FAA with specific recommendations for overcoming the barriers to implementing NextGen. Gain insight into how these industry leaders are working with the FAA to forge consensus on the way forward.

Moderator: Ed Bolen, NBAA

Carl Esposito, Honeywell
John Hickey, FAA
Jim Rankin, Air Wisconsin
Lillian Z. Ryals, MITRE CAASD

Ballroom A
9:55 AM – 10:25 AM Networking Break Sponsored by: Ballroom AB Foyer
10:25 AM – 11:25 AM Description: Leaders from the industry and FAA involved in the NextGen integration working group will discuss work underway to jointly develop plans that will deliver specific operational capabilities and benefits on a defined timeline.

Moderator: Craig Fuller, The Fuller Company

Bill Ayer, Chair of NextGen Advisory Committee
Ed Bolton, Assistant Administrator for NextGen, FAA
Teri Bristol, FAA ATO
Steve Dickson, Delta Air Lines
Melissa Rudinger, AOPA

Ballroom A
11:30AM – 12:00 noon A Conversation between the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Deputy Administrator and SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) Executive Director.
Description: Join the leaders of NextGen and SESAR as they discuss the cooperation between the US and Europe and the challenging work of keeping them harmonized.

Cynthia Castillo, CSSI, Inc.

Mike Whitaker, Deputy Administrator, FAA
Florian Guillermet, Executive Director, SJU

Ballroom A
12:15 PM – 1:45 PM Awards Luncheon – Sponsored by:
lockened Awards Luncheon Keynote Speaker: Carl Esposito, Vice President, Marketing & Product Management, Honeywell Aerospace
Ballroom B
2:00 PM – 3:10 PM Session 3: View from the Front line: Overcoming Tactical Operational Issues

Description:Examine near-term tactical issues affecting the efficiency of the National Airspace System with a panel of FAA and industry experts. The panel will share lessons learned from the implementation of new PBN procedures and explore how to leverage those lessons to expedite current and future procedures implementation.

Moderator: Jim Crites, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Joe Bertapelle, JetBlue
Elizabeth Lynn Ray, FAA ATO
Brian Townsend, American Airlines
Emily Tranter, NOISE
Mike Watson, Thales
Dale Wright, NATCA

Ballroom A
3:15 PM – 3:45 PM Networking Break Sponsored by: mitre-web Ballroom AB Foyer
3:50 PM – 5:00 PM Session 4: View from the Program Management Committee: The Challenges of Evolving the Increasingly Integrated Communications, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management Systems

Description: Members of RTCA’s PMC and leaders from several Special Committees review the challenges of developing timely performance standards for the systems of the increasingly integrated cockpit as new operational capabilities and applications are being defined.

Moderator: Margaret Jenny, RTCA

Bruce DeCleene, FAA
Luc Deneufchatel, EUROCAE
Chris Hegarty, PMC Chair, MITRE
Rick Heinrich, Rockwell Collins
Juan Narvid, DoD

Ballroom A
5:00 PM – 5:10 PM Summary of Day 1 Margaret Jenny, RTCA Ballroom A
5:15 PM – 7:00 PM Industry Reception Sponsored by: jetblue_logo Ballroom AB Foyer
Time Day 2 – June 5, 2014 Location
7:00 AM – 5:00 PM Registration and Coat Check Opens Ballroom AB Foyer
7:15 AM – 8:15 AM Continental Breakfast Sponsored by Alaska-Airlines-from-web Ballroom AB Foyer
8:15 AM – 9:05 AM Session 5: View from the Hill

Description: A group of experienced policy makers and policy shapers examine current challenges facing the FAA and the aviation community and discuss innovative approaches to overcoming them.

Moderator: Will Ris, American Airlines

Pete Bunce, GAMA
Jim Coon, AOPA
Gerald Dillingham, GAO
Holly E. Woodruff Lyons, House T&I Committee

Ballroom A
9:15 AM – 10:15 AM Session 6: View from Global Leaders: Ensuring Harmonized Evolution

Description: A diverse group of aviation representatives from across the global aviation community discuss the policy and technical issues critical to ensuring international harmony in aviation. In particular, what are the issues for airports, ANSPs, regulators, standards bodies and operators?

Moderator: Steve Creamer, FAA

Carey Fagan, FAA
Angela Gittens, ACI International
Florian Guillermet, SJU

Ballroom A
10:15 AM – 10:45 AM Unveiling of ICAO’s 5 Year Standards Roadmap
Nancy Graham, ICAO ANB
Ballroom A
10:45 AM – 11:15 AM Networking Break Sponsored by: Ballroom AB Foyer
11:15 AM – 12:15 PM Session 7: View from World of Remotely Piloted Systems: The Evolution to Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration in the National Airspace System

Description: Explore the latest work of those involved in the challenging issues associated with accelerating the safe introduction of UAS operations into the NAS. Hear about the key role Special Committee 228 is playing in setting the stage for integration of UAS into the NAS.

Moderator: Andy Cebula, RTCA

Sean Cassidy, ALPA
Ben Gielow, AUVSI
Ed Sayadian, Exelis
Paul McDuffee, Insitu, SC-228 Co-Chair
Steven Pennington, DoD
Jim Willians, FAA
Ray Young, NUAIR Alliance

Ballroom A
12:15 PM – 1:45 PM Industry Luncheon – Sponsored by
Industry Luncheon Keynote Speaker: Mark Baker, President & CEO, AOPA
Ballroom B
1:55 PM – 2:55 PM Session 8: View from the CEO’s Office: Measuring Success of Top NextGen Capabilities

Description: A panel consisting of executive leaders of aviation businesses share their views on the high-priority near-term NextGen capabilities and the top 3-4 macro performance metrics that should be established to measure performance improvement resulting from NextGen initiatives.

Moderator: Peter Cerda, IATA

Dave Barger, JetBlue
Jeff Hamiel, Metropolitan Airports Commission
Sharon Pinkerton, A4A

Ballroom A
2:55 PM – 3:20 PM Networking Break Sponsored by: Ballroom AB Foyer
3:20 PM – 4:20 PM Session 9: View from Policy Leaders: The biggest challenges facing the FAA

Description:The RTCA Symposium closes with an insightful discussion among top policy leaders, including some members of the FAA MAC, about the current and emerging challenges facing the FAA and ways to overcome them.

Moderator: Tom Haines, AOPA

Ben Alcott, UK CAA
Steve Brown, NBAA
Nick Calio, Airlines for America
Craig Fuller, The Fuller Company
Lee Moak, ALPA
Paul Rinaldi, NATCA

Ballroom A
4:20 PM – 4:30 PM Summary and Closing
Margaret Jenny, RTCA
Ballroom A

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