Topics for the 2017 RTCA Global Aviation Symposium

June 13-14   Hyatt Regency Crystal City   Crystal City, VA

Exact days/times for each session will be posted in the near future. Check back for more details!

  • Keynote Speakers: the RTCA symposium will feature keynotes speeches from industry and government leaders
  • NextGen Advisory Committee: NAC members Examine the FAA-Industry collaborative effort to implement NextGen and to evaluate the benefits.
  • Drone Advisory Committee: DAC members share an insider perspective of the operational policy issues of introducing an innovative technology into the air transportation system
  • UAS EX COMM – Members of multiple agencies will discuss the coordination among them addressing the issues associated with integrating drones into the airspace
  • Implementing NextGen Priorities: FAA and Industry leaders discuss the status and future of the Four Focus Areas – DataComm, Multiple Runway Operations, Performance Based Navigation, Surface and Data Sharing
  • Aircraft Time, Speed, Spacing: Experts with diverse views discuss how we will evolve to fully integrated management of aircraft timing, speed and spacing, using ground and cockpit-based capabilities
  • ADS-B: Operators, suppliers, regulators, air navigation service providers join to examine where we are on meeting the US 2020 deadline, global applications, and enhanced surveillance in oceanic and remote airspace
  • The Environment and NextGen: Experts from FAA, operators, airports and airport communities discuss the benefits and challenges associated with NextGen capabilities
  • Comprehensive FAA Bill: Aviation leaders discuss the 2017 FAA Reauthorization – Congressional Actions and the FAA – NextGen and aviation infrastructure
  • Equipping for the Future: Global leaders explore the comprehensive global standards under development by RTCA Special Committees
  • Cybersecurity: Authorities discuss ways to mitigate this potential threat to the continued safety and security of air transportation
  • Commercial Space: Those involved in this burgeoning industry tackle what is needed from the FAA and the aviation community to address the emerging growth of this unique user of the National Airspace System